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Hardware and other business or construction equipment are risky to manage and need professional approach in their exact use without any complications. For this purpose, expertise is demanded by people working on the instruments. To attain skill in doing so, proper rigging course are conducted and training are provided in few days. This type of program provides one the official license and certification to deal with the industrial work and its related apparatus. It is also important in respect for people habitual and destined in working at height for different construction and manufacturing processes. Only then an individual is fully trained to enter the complex operation where he risks his own life while performing the job.

Rigging course

The type of course programs that are basically conducted to improve the physical stability and strength of an individual which is a basic requirement in many lifting jobs is called as rigging course. This is mostly related to people with jobs in construction, excavation, manufacturing jobs and other local vendors. This can be applied to the profession of weightlifting as the lifters must be physically fit to conduct the tasks. Rigging course is based with both theoretical and practical evaluation questions and queries. This course is also done by people boarding on ships, oil and gas platforms and is aware about the consequences that can be a result of their mishandling or natural disaster.

The delegates are provide with the tool kit and equipment necessary for their everyday work and are trained about its correct use and precautions. The rigging course is completed in some prescribed stages from the initiative processing to the final demonstration. Firstly, rigging is done by lifting practice of instruments, later on the practice is rendered at the workplace. It is noted that the individual has completed with every prescribed lifting written on the logbook. The job can be completed if the equipment is easy to handle, however, the training become yearly if the risky mechanical loads are involved.

Working at height

The individuals with jobs performed at heights are always at risk during their work hours and need proper protection and sense of efficiency in the performance. The one working at height should undergo some prior training before initiating in the practical field life. Special courses are available and present for people aiming to be a part of construction business. These are properly trained under expert supervision belonging to the industry which helps them get the right capabilities of handling and security for the job.

Working at height not only put one’s life in danger but the people and equipment associated to them too. Therefore, maintenance and management strategies are of main concern to handle uninvited emergencies. People with experienced and training are more favored and preferred for such complicated hiring in comparison to the layman.


Rigging course is basically a series of practical ad theoretical tests conducted to ensure the safe operation of mechanical equipment by people. The individuals associated to working at height scourse are demanded with extra care and responsible attitude keeping in mind the risk factor attached to the job.