Don’t Let Your Big Day Be A Disaster

May it be a guy or a girl, all dream of their big day with no change. But, yes, if you are the bride to be, you dream more, and you worry more. Because for you, preparations are much higher and thus the burden is higher too. This is why the bride looks so stressed about her wedding than the groom normally is. No matter how you plan your wedding day, on the day, if it becomes a disaster, you whole effort is In vain. And, you will end up regretting.

For example, if you have your hair all over your face on your wedding photograph, at the end of the day you cannot blame the photographer or the bridal hair stylist Sydney for not doing a good job, and there is no point. Also, if you have the same food item in different ways – cooked, boiled, tempered and as salad, you can’t blame the chef at the end of the day for not producing you a good menu. It is always about making good choices when it comes to a wedding. That is, had you chosen a good photographer, had you chosen a good one to do your hair, and a good menu in the second instance, you could have enjoyed your wedding day, and remember that forever. So, here is a list of things where you can possibly go wrong in planning your wedding and making choices. Make sure you go for right choices about your big day even if that means you got to do lot of researches and surveys.

Wedding photography and videography

Your preferences and that of the team you choose to cover your wedding moments should match all the time. This is why pre communication is really important. You should tell your exact needs to the camera team, and then only they can do a fair job to you.

Wedding dress and hair

So you know the dress and the hair should match all criterion of your wedding. The venue, the time, the rituals and everything. And, most importantly your hair do should match your dress. This is why selecting a good hairdresser Surry Hills is critically important. Hair can do a big change to your appearance, and if your hair do becomes a disaster, you surely will not be willing to look at any of your wedding snaps some day later.

The menu

Make sure you ask for recommendations when you are selecting your menu. Consider about all your guests including the vegetarians as well. Make sure that they also have something to eat at your wedding. Otherwise, their bad comments can ruin your lovely day.